Amercook reveals how a pot is maded

Raw Material Selection

1. Raw Material Selection

Aluminum ores are divided into gibbsite type, diaspore type, diaspore type and mixed type, and alumina is usually refined by Bayer process. Gibbsite type bauxite has high aluminum silicon and only needs 7 minutes to dissolve in caustic solution. Therefore, it is widely used in aluminum refining industry. Amerbook is committed to controlling from the source. Through gibbsite imported from Guinea and Australia and adopting Bayer process, Under the same equipment conditions, the production capacity is nearly 10 times higher than that of monohydrate aluminum ore. at the same time, we will retain samples of each batch of aluminum ore and mark the specific date to trace the quality.

Raw Material Processes

2.Raw Material Processes

We have three factories to processed the raw material with different ways, like forging, die-casting, pressing and so on. All factories can produce up to 1 million pots per month.Mature R&D and Quality control departments are at service. Gushan Factory - Focus on die casting pots, and can produce 30 thousands pots per month. Huajie Factory - Focus on press aluminum pots, and can produce 30 thousands pots per month. Lishui Factory - Focus on forged aluminum pots, and can produce 40 thousands pots per month. Facing the pandemic situation, all factories support online factory inspection.

Surface Treatment Process.

3.Surface Treatment Process.

Remove the raw materials spilled in the process and polish the edge of the pot body. It’s of great importance to to polish the external surface before painting the lacquer. In some corners that can't polished by machines,we’ll polish the position out of the reach of the lathe by hand to ensure remove the overflow edge totally.


4.Coating and Lacquer

Spray the non-stick coating evenly on the inner surface of the pot (like Greblon C2 coating temperature 420 / 8 minutes). After it, put the pot into the production line and enter the drying room for low-temperature drying treatment (the low-temperature baking temperature is about 220 °). According to different types and requirements of pots and tools, it may be necessary to spray the coating for many times. After completing the internal coating spraying operation, it could prepare to paint the outside surface. Spray the high-temperature lacquer evenly on the surface of the pot (like temperature 280 / 5 minutes) , then, dry after painting too.

5.Quality Control

We are fully committed to providing high quality products and excellent customer service. In order to control the quality of the products, we will be randomly selected samples from each batch of products and sent it to the laboratory for various tests.

01 Non stick performance test

Check the non stick performance of the pot, by frying eggs without oil.

02 Life test

The service life of the coating in real life can be obtained by simulating the service time of the pot through friction.

03 Heat resistance test

Check the heat resistance of the pot by continuous boiling the water.

04 Corrosion resistance test

Use dishwasher and detergent to check the corrosion resistance of the pot

05 Bending strength test of handle fixing device

Put the weight into the pot or hang the weight at the end of the handle to test the bearing capacity of the pot and handle

06 Cross cut test

Draw a square of 1mm (note that the lines shall be equal and orthogonal to each other and the coating shall be drawn through); Cover the cross cut area with adhesive tape, stick and tear it repeatedly, and test the falling off of the coating

07 Detail of the pot and package

Check the capacity, diameter, height, size and so on. The actual error needs to be within an acceptable range.

08 Magnetic inspection

(only applicable to electromagnetic cooker): test with magnet. If there is no magnetism, the test fails.

Fast delivery

6.Fast delivery

We have some inventory for certain series in the warehouse in Madrid and California, so we can offer more faster delivery and service.Depending on your needs, we will have different transportation plans. And we definitely can also provide existing pictures and videos to help the promotion. Amercook is always try the best to help our partners establish your own kitchenware bussiness.


OEM&ODM Avaliable

We're not just seller, we're more professional on manufacturers. Nowadays, we has 15years OEM experience, provides professional engineers and supply-chain management. That’s how we can develop ODM for our distributors for different market needs. We have high-end machines, professional designers. And we will develop new products every year, all our products have patents. We could provide customers with a wealth of customized products to meet the diverse needs, with many year’s experience.


We are making our greatest efforts to offer you the quality made products at good price. We’d like to cooperate with you to expand our business in your markets.If in doubt, please see the following FAQs

Q: What makes Amercook different from others?

The Amercook product has a whole-range product system, covering low-end, mid-end and high-end cookware, suitable for distributors with different conditions and consumers with different needs. We could provide tailor-made solutions according to your market situation and business size.

Q: How does Amercook impress customers?

Amercook's designer team covers Europe and Asia, we are good at designing localized products for different regions.

Q: Is Amercook available in our country?

Our products could pass the FDA/LFGB test and it has been selling all over the world for years. Leave your inquiry and we will help you with your local import restrictions.

Q: Does Amercook has own factories?

We have 4 factories located in Zhejiang, China, where the best cookware comes from. Full equipment for pressed, forged, cast aluminum cookware are well prepared. We also have dozens of reliable suppliers that we have deep cooperation with, who are able to provide comprehensive service together.

Q: How does Amercook handle after-sales issues?

We will provide training materials to the distributor, so that you could teach the customer how to use the cookware correctly and reduce the return rate.

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