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The Paris Fashion Home Design Exhibition is end, Amercook creates beauty with unique design

2022-02-24 | Company News

Maison & Objet Paris is hosted by the famous GL events exhibitions. The exhibition area is 50,000 square meters and the number of buyers is nearly 12,000. This exhibition has always been the most influential exhibition in Europe and one of the most professional home furnishing and household goods exhibition in France.


    In January, winter rains continued in Paris, but the M&O exhibition site was full of spring. Top brands and trendy people from the design circles all over the world have gathered here. At the same time, the Paris exhibition is an indicator of lifestyle for professional designers around the world. The three main exhibitions of the exhibition include home decoration, home design, furniture, textiles, fragrance, tableware and other cross-domains. This is an exhibition that combines a high degree of creativity and professionalism.


   Amercook shows the unique beauty of kitchen cookware to Europe market through each elaborately designed pot. With the authentic American design, and the usage of geometric elements, Amercook produces unlimited changes in a limited space, dialogue with consumers and dialogue with the flame.


   There are many colors in Amercook product series. Besides the traditional black pots, Amercook developed Greek olive green and Mediterranean clay yellow. The jumping colors give the pots a different vitality. When those saturated and jumping colors appear in the home space, we believe that even the monotonous space can instantly become fashionable and artistic. Those fashionable pots can always attract a large number of visitors.


   With the pursuit of aesthetics and quality requirements, Amercook has been recognized by many customers, and many of them have expressed their intention to cooperate with Amercook.


  Design beauty, discover beauty,  create beauty. Amercook hopes to meet you on the road of beauty..

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