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Review of the seventh anniversary strategic cooperation

2022-03-25 | Company News

Zhejiang Yinshi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Yinshi") and AMERICA COOK COPR (hereinafter referred to as "AMERCOOK") are pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership, and Yinshi will be solely responsible for the brand building, promotion, marketing and other activities of AMERCOOK to providing a wide range of services to make development of the AMERCOOK branding.


YinShi is a company specializing in the import and export of world trade, with teams and operators on every continent, and has won awards from many countries and cities to its own name. Since the establishment of the company in the year 2006, YinShi has developed into a leader in the local trade, and YinShi's unparalleled dominance and influence in the commercial field has brought the organization a wealth of professional experience and channels across various countries and industries.


AMERCOOK is a brand from the United States, founded in 1973, dedicated to creating professional kitchen cookware for every family in the world, to add new lifestyles and happiness to every family..

With the increasing demand for different experiences in the kitchen in daily life and the diversity of people's tastes, traditional single pots can no longer meet people's cooking needs. AMERCOOK designs and manufactures different shapes and sizes of different types of pots and pans, and conducts targeted market tests according to needs to understand, solve and optimize people's cooking experience. AMERCOOK has a long and prestigious list of strategic partners, with names ranging from Carrefour to Walmart, Macy's, Costco, etc...


YinShi’s years of marketing and brand building experience combined with AMERCOOK's success in the kitchenware industry will represent a first-of-its-kind partnership where customers, especially those who love to create happiness, will gain access to strategic input from important stakeholders in the space, and then be able to amplify their strategy and message through AMERCOOK’s existing models.This partnership will also expand the reach of both parties, with AMERCOOK now turning their attention from their US focus to the rest of the world where YinShi has strong industry connections and a loyal customer base. In addition, this will consolidate YinShi’s infrastructure in the US market and greatly enhance its marketing capabilities.

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