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Interview with Amercook Madrid CEO: Amercook'Hortaleza store is a paradise for cookware

2022-02-24 | Company News

Sarah Sara Sáezis the founder of children's magazine Tiny Weenie and pet blog The Modern Dog. He also frequently collaborates with media such as El Pais Semanal,T Magazine or Vogue and is a well-known Spanish journalist specializing in fashion, beauty and fashion life. In July 2018, Amercook opened a kitchen experience shop on the central street of Hortaleza in Madrid, Spain, One year after opening, well-known Spanish fashion journalist Sara Sais conducted an exclusive interview with the CEO of Amercook Madrid to explore the secrets of Amercook cuisine


1. More and more people are buying pans, are people more willing to make their own food?

With the development of technology today, more and more people like to make food at home. Amercook store shelves provide people with the cookware world, pans, pots, grills, pans, casserole dishes, iron pots, steamers. These products offer the possibility for people to make delicious food at home


2. Why does the sales volume of Amercook surpass similar products by a large margin?

In Amercook, most products are developed by themselves and U.S. factories. "They were very popular, so we decided to open up the European market. That's why their sales surpass similar products, essentially because the pots are of good quality and novel designs.


3. Will this pot be paste?

Amercook's products are made of five layers of materials, with reinforced models at the bottom for the most uniform heating, and we use the latest generation of non-toxic, non-stick coatings which will not stick to the pot, and does not contain PTFE. Compared with traditional iron pans, it is very easy to clean. "Not only that, Amercook kitchenware was tested in the lab, and we invited the chef and three volunteers to take part in the tests, which showed that our products were very reliable.


4. I noticed that the design of these products is also very chic, is that why you sell well? "Yes, Amercook is also innovative in design. "We have a semi-professional route that specializes in how we can better heat evenly, " says Raquel."We even studied the space size of today's kitchen cabinets, and developed a product that could be removed handle to save space. In addition to the functional design, packaging design is also a bright spot, each pot with felt protection, try to avoid the pot to be bumped, at the same time, some product lines also have a variety of colors, taking care of the different countries' food culture.


5. Apart from pots and pans, is there anything else in your store?

Of course, "Amercook" is full of excellent gadgets such as cotton aprons and tea towels, protective gloves, tweezers, marker pens, modern kettles, disposable eco-friendly takeaway boxes made of biodegradable materials, vegan vegetarian food ... In short, this is the kitchen paradise.

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