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How to use a pan while camping - advice from specialist cookware supplier Amercook

2023-07-18 | Blog

Camping is a great time to cook delicious food. However, cooking can be challenging when camping without facilities such as stoves, ovens, and sinks. But with the right camping gear and a good cooler, you can make delicious meals.

So how do you use a frying pan when camping? First, you need to choose a frying pan suitable for camping. Amercook offers a variety of frying pans, with cast iron or carbon steel frying pans being the best choice for camping. These frying pans have thick bottoms and walls that can withstand high temperatures from the heat source and distribute heat evenly, allowing you to cook food without burning it.

When cooking food with a frying pan, you need to pay attention to the following points:

· If you are using a propane camping stove, first turn on the propane camping stove and wait for it to heat up.

· Add an appropriate amount of oil to the frying pan and add the food.

· When the food starts cooking, adjust the flame size so that it does not burn the food but cooks it thoroughly.

In addition, there are some precautions when using a frying pan while camping. For example, do not use frying pans with plastic or wooden handles. These materials can melt or burn at high temperatures. Also, do not use ceramic or non-stick frying pans. These materials can be damaged at high temperatures.

In addition to frying pans, Amercook also offers a variety of kitchenware suitable for camping. Amercook is a professional cookware brand founded in 1973 and headquartered in Los Angeles. Amercook offers a variety of cookware including frying pans, stew pots, woks, soup pots and cookware sets. These products are designed specifically for camping and can meet all your cooking needs while camping.

In addition, Amercook also offers special camping cookware such as barbecue pans and baking sheets. These products can help you make delicious barbecue food while camping.

In summary, using Amercook’s kitchenware while camping is a lot of fun. As long as you choose the right kitchenware and follow the correct operating methods, you can enjoy delicious food in nature. Have a great time camping!

If you need more information,please visit www.amercook or send email to brand@amercook.com

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