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Great meeting this week for opening market at Scandinavian countries, Uk, Benelux

2022-06-27 | Company News

It is well-known that market economies around the world are in a slump, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. So, everyone is trying our best to fit this situation and work hard. Recently, we arranged a meeting about expanding the Nordic market with our agents in there.

First, we want to introduce our brand. Amercook is a brand dedicating on professional cookware since 1973 , We headquartered in Madrid , Spain and we have long-lasting partnership with Carrefour, Alcampo, Macy's , Media Mart and many other offline supermarkets. We have some inventory for certain series in the warehouse in Madrid so we can offer more faster delivery and service. We're not just seller, we're more professional on manufacturers. Because we develop our brand after many OEM years experiences, we could provides professional engineers and supply-chain management now. Then, We have selling over 35 countries all over the world. 

Because of the serious Covid-19 and the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, people can't go out and gather. Many partners have been affected, like reducing the orders or closing stores temporarily. So, we need find some ways to reducing the influence, like developing the new product and technology. And opening the new market is also a key way to help our brand. So we arranged the meeting with our great partners in Spain. Everyone contributed their own experience and ideas, discussed the advantages and disadvantages of previous products and markets, and summarized the future market development plan.

We strive to explore and develop, brave the difficulties, people give each other the love like friends and family, which is just the purpose of our brand, bringing love and warmth. Therefore, We have full confidence in the future.

Amercook also have many branches, providing great support for our brand. For example:

America Cook Corporation-USA branch,  located in  Los Angeles, California, mainly focusing on market development and some small-batch product shipment

America Cook Corporation- Chinese  branch , located in Yongkang City, Zhejiang handling all the supply chain from design and production to shipment.

AMERCOOK ODM the high end cookware based on the requirement from customers. 

We recommend daily cooking at home, and enjoy every second with family and friends while cooking and dining. Hope everyone’s life is health, warm and happiness.

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